Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pre-DCP Round 2

I absolutely can't wait to get out of Athens. I love being home with my family, but I'm so ready to be in Orlando again. Twelve days until my mom and I leave for Disney, and 13 until the rest of the family comes down. I am so freaking excited to be doing this whole process again. I think I am just as nervous as the first time I did it.

I found my roommates- five lovely girls that seem normal and funny. Let's hope it stays that way! I think we are planning to live in Patterson, although Chatham would be okay, too. I heard that non-international CPs could live in the Commons now. It is more expensive than the rest, but I'm pretty sure each apartment has a washer and dryer. So I really wouldn't mind that either. I loved Vista when I stayed there but I would much rather have a new experience and live somewhere else this time.

I have been thinking about what I want to do after this program. Here is my plan so far: Do this program, extend this program, apply for part-time or full-time, move to Orlando permanently, and work at Disney and take a couple of classes a semester to finish my degree. Sounds easy, right?

Most of my stuff is packed and still in my car, so that is good. But I still have to go to Auburn and get more stuff (like my toaster and blender), pack everything that is in my room, get professional clothes, get my car fixed (my battery is dead), and pack a separate bag for our Disney trip pre-check-in. I also have to chaperone Sloane's 14th birthday party. A lot to do in 12 days, but I am totally ready. 

Here's to hoping these 12 days fly by!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm Going Back to Disney!

I got accepted for Spring Advantage 2013 (January 21-August 9) for merchandise. I am so excited to get out of Alabama. I found out I got accepted on the Friday after my interview (I had my interview on Tuesday) so thank god I didn't have to wait that long because the wait was KILLING me!

I just made a packing list because I'm bored and I know I am going to forget things if I don't write them down. So I am going to post it on here for a reference for me and anyone else that needs it!

·      Passport
·      ID (drivers license)
·      Social security card (if needed)
·      Car registration
·      Cancelled check (if doing direct deposit)
·      Cash/ credit card/ debit card
·      Check in paperwork

·      TV
·      DVD player
·      DVDs
·      Computer (and charger)
·      Ipod dock
·      Router
·      Alarm clock
·      Camera (and charger)
·      Printer (if you want)
·      Ipod (and charger)
·      Headphones
·      Flashlight
·      Batteries

·      Toaster
·      Blender
·      Coffee maker
·      Dishwashing detergent
·      Dish soap
·      Sponges
·      Paper towels
·      Bottle opener
·      Dish towels
·      Pot holders
·      Tupperware
·      Ziploc bags
·      Napkins

·      Cleaning supplies
·      Broom
·      Mop
·      Vacuum
·      Garbage bags
·      Laundry detergent
·      Laundry hamper
·      Iron/ ironing board
·      Steamer

·      Bedside lamp
·      Combination lock (for locker in room)
·      Hangers
·      Stamps
·      Envelopes
·      Pens/ pencils/ markers
·      Photos of family/ friends
·      Picture frames
·      Umbrella
·      Ear plugs
·      Books
·      Cards
·      Games
·      Fan (these are cheap at wal mart)
·      Push pins (for cork board)
·      Calendar
·      Extra storage containers (under bed, stacking beside dresser, under bathroom counter, on top of desk)
·      Bed risers
·      Full length mirror
·      Shoe storage
·      Mattress pad
·      Twin sheets (not twin XL)
·      Pillow
·      Comforter
·      Blanket
·      Kleenex
·      Disney pins
·      Any decorations for your room!

·      Shower curtain
·      Shower curtain rings
·      Bath rug
·      Air freshener
·      Towels
·      Toilet paper
·      Beach towel

·      Shampoo
·      Conditioner
·      Razor
·      Shaving cream
·      Contacts
·      Contact solution
·      Extra contacts
·      Glasses
·      Lotion
·      Body wash
·      Hair products
·      Brush/ comb
·      Straightener/ curler
·      Hair dryer
·      Bobby pins
·      Perfume
·      Tooth brush
·      Tooth paste
·      Dental floss
·      Tweezers
·      Nail clippers
·      Deodorant
·      Nail polish
·      Nail polish remover
·      Cotton pads
·      Q-tips
·      Make up
·      Eye make up remover
·      Hair ties
·      Band-aids
·      Vitamins
·      Face wash
·      Hand soap
·      Medicine
·      Aloe vera
·      Sunscreen
·      Bug spray
·      Lint roller
·      Chap stick

·      T-shirts
·      Long sleeved shirts
·      Sweatshirt
·      Jacket
·      Rain jacket
·      Shorts
·      Jeans/ long pants
·      Sweatpants
·      Leggings/ tights
·      Bra
·      Underwear
·      Belt
·      Socks
·      Scarves
·      Hat
·      Dresses
·      Skirts
·      Professional attire (3 outfits at least)
·      Boots
·      Tennis shoes
·      Flats
·      Heels
·      Flip flops/ sandals
·      Swimsuit
·      Swimsuit cover up
·      Pajamas
·      Slippers
·      Gloves
·      Purses
·      Tote bag/ duffel bag
·      Jewelry (rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc)
·      Tattoo cover up (if you need it)
·      Sunglasses

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another Disney Interview

So I've been doing a lot of thinking. Like, A LOT. I finished my first college program in January 2012. It was the best, most awesome experience ever. I met so many new cool friends, a lot of them I still talk to frequently. I also got to work for an amazing company, and I made some bank. When you end something like that, you go into a depression. This type of depression is known as Post College Program Depression. I would say 99.9% of people who do the college program have that when they leave. And the worst part? It never goes away. You are constantly thinking about your friends and how much you miss them, and how you would do absolutely anything to get back down to Disney World. Therefore, I made a decision. I decided to apply for another college program. Hopefully, they will let me back in for Spring 2013.

This whole process has gone very fast. The last time I applied, in Spring 2011 for the fall, I remember it taking a while to get your emails and such. I applied yesterday, did my web interview like two hours later, and then set up my phone interview like an hour after that. Then I had my phone interview this morning. So a lot has happened in the past 24 hours. They said they will let me know in two weeks if I got accepted or not. I am not very good at waiting.

I just wanted to tell you about how my phone interview went and give a couple tips. First, it is okay to be nervous. I was nervous for my interview today even though I had done it before! Make sure you are in a quiet room, and have some things written down, like your past work experience, strengths and weaknesses, etc. It is good to have these on hand to reference back to if you get stuck. My interview time was at 8:30am and I got the call at 8:34am from a blocked number. The lady was really nice so that made me less nervous. First she tells you what the interview will consist of, and then checks to make sure your information is correct. Here is a list of questions I was asked:

1. Why do you want to do another college program?
2. How do you feel about repetitive work?
3. How do you feel when someone interrupts you when you are really focused on a task?
4. What interests you in being a character assistant?
5. What do you notice about a hostess when she is seating you?
6. How do you feel about working indoors or outdoors?
7. How do you feel about talking in front of large groups?
8. Tell me about your past work experience.
9. Tell me about a time when you had to balance a lot of things at once.
10. Are you comfortable working a cash register?
11. What are your top two roles?
12. Would you be willing to do character auditions?
13. If you were in a one piece bathing suit, do you have any visible tattoos? (I said yes, so she asked me where it was, how big, and if I was wearing socks would it be covered)
14. Are you okay with the Disney Look guidelines?

Remember to smile, because it will make you sound happier. It is okay to say no to questions, like if they ask you if you are interested in a role that you don't want. My interview took all of 9 minutes, which is really short. At the end, they will ask you if you have any questions for them. If you have anything to ask, anything at all, please ask. They do not mind helping you- that is what they are there for.

My first interview, she asked if I would want to work in quick service food and beverage. I didn't really know what that was, so I asked her. That is the role I got put in, and I absolutely loved it. 

My first interview had some different questions:
1. How do you describe teamwork?
2. Have you ever worked a cash register?
3. What was the best thing about your past job?

I hope this can help anyone wanting to apply! Now I will just go play the waiting game and see if I get accepted. 

Have a magical day!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Kitchen Sink.

Jessica and I @ graduation.
I had my Disney College Program graduation on December 13th. You get your graduation Mickey ears, you eat, take pictures. It sucks because it's like an ending to your program, but you still have to work for three more weeks. 

Now about Christmas. It was the best Christmas I have ever had. Yes, Maggie came to visit. But that's not all. Maggie and I went up to our hotel room when she got here and we were putting our stuff down and she said, "What's this?" She was pointing to the adjoining door to our room. She was like, "It's open!" and starting poking at it and opening it. I was like, "OH MY GOD Maggie don't open that! Another family is in there!" And then I saw it. Someone in the room standing there. And I thought to myself, oh my god. There is someone else in there and Maggie is so stupid for opening it. Well, then I noticed the person standing in the other room was my mom. And then my whole family popped out. I was so happy and so excited that I burst into tears. I had absolutely NO idea that my whole family was coming. It was the biggest and best surprise I have ever had in my life. It's going to take a whole lot to top that one. They are some good liars. Now I'm not going to believe anything they say for as long as I live!

Caroline, Maggie, me, and Sloane.

Mickey Christmas tree!

I did get an iphone for Christmas. Thank Jesus. When I will switch over to my iphone though, is anyones guess.

Christie, Lela, Benji, me, and Lashon.
A couple of us from Port Orleans went to Beaches and Cream and ate the Kitchen Sink today. It was me, Lashon, Benji, Christie, and Lela. It is 8 scoops of ice cream, a whole can of whipped cream, and every topping they have. Brownies, nuts, caramel, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, candy, cherries, peanut butter, angel food cake, bananas, pineapple, strawberries, etc. We all agreed it would have been better without the candy pieces (it was like gummy orange slices) and the cherries (because there were no joke about 50). And I think it would have been better without the peanut butter. It was like a peanut butter sauce, and once the ice cream started melting, everything tasted like peanut butter. Ew. We finished the whole thing, and I hate to admit that I was still hungry afterwards!

The kitchen sink. Conquered!

I have four more days of work left and five more days at Disney. I'm starting to get sad. I don't want to leave the most magical place on earth :(

Friday, December 9, 2011


What? It's Christmas time? When did that happen?

I've been seeing Christmas stuff in Disney since October, so seeing Christmas stockings and T-shirts and ornaments is nothing new. But it's actually December? And the next holiday is Christmas? WHATTTTT?????!!!!

I'm kidding. Kind of. Does it make since when I say that time goes by so slow and so fast- at the same time? I guess I will try to explain. When I work six days in a row, time doesn't move. But then I will look at the date after that week and be like goodness, it's already December 9th?! Maybe the minutes and hours go by slow and the days go by fast. I don't think I'm making any sense.

Maggie called me a couple days ago and informed me that she is coming to Orlando to come spend Christmas with me. I can't tell you how excited I am. I don't know if I could do another holiday without my amazing family. I knew when I signed up for this program that I would be missing out on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I thought I was a badass and could handle it. WRONG. I freaking miss my family and Thanksgiving sucked without them. So Maggie is my hero and coming to keep me company on Christmas. The only thing that sucks though is that my main entrance pass is blocked-out for Epcot and Magic Kingdom on the days she is coming. I really wanted to eat in Japan :( Stupid block-out dates.

I had off work the past two days so I did some hardcore Disney Christmas shopping. I don't know if it's just hard to buy for my family or if it is just hard to buy for them when I'm alone. Because I am having some serious complications. Phone calls and pix texts don't do any justice when you're trying to explain to someone what you are looking at. Just doesn't work.

I have a little over three weeks until I leave. Can you believe it? Seven months I've been here. My disney graduation is next week. Thats when I get my Mickey graduation ears!!!! That is really all I'm looking forward to. Graduation, Christmas with Mags, home.

Here are some pictures from when Kitzya and I had a couple of days off. We went to Ohana at the Polynesian Resort for breakfast and then went to Universal. The next day we went to Cocoa Beach.

Gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian Resort

Cocoa Beach

Breakfast at Ohana at the Polynesian Resort.. mmmm

The reason I want to stay here forever.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Two Months

Mom called. Asked me if I had updated my blog. No.
So I thought I should.

Yes, it's been a while since I've written, but only because I've been extremely busy. I work. And when I don't work, I'm sleeping. Or doing laundry to wash the nude underwear I have to wear under my white shorts for work.

Not too much has happened in the past month, but a couple of key moments occurred that I should write about. First, my family came to visit. It was just what I needed. I missed them so much. I needed my crazy sisters and my wonderful parents to hang out with me in the most ballin' place on earth. And since one family just isn't enough, the Kinchler fam was also in town! I can't tell you how happy I was to have ten people that I love so much down here with me. I wish Maggie could have been here :( Let's try to recap what we did while they were here: we went to Universal one day, ate at Les Chefs de France (didn't have a cute waiter though, *sigh*), watched a Sabres game in ESPN, ate pizza in the hotel rooms one night, ate around the world at the Food and Wine Festival and watched Billy Ocean... It was so great. I have the best family in the world.

Since it's the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot, every night they have an Eat to the Beat concert with someone who used to be is famous. One night I went with some people to see Boyz II Men. Not like I really give a crap about them but once I saw them grinding on stage it got a lot better. And then last week I went to go see Hanson. OMG I had the best time. I'm gonna sound like a freak, but I waited in line for about 2 hours to get my 4th row spot. And I only got 4th row because the two rows in front of me were blocked off so their families could sit there. So basically, I was ten feet away from Taylor Hanson, my crush when I was 7 years old. And the best part about the concert was that they were all three so fine. Even Isaac. (I know, right?!) 

Halloween. Uh, wasn't planning to do anything. I wanted to sit my butt at home and watch scary movies and dumb ghost stuff on TV. I had no intentions of buying a $50+ costume. I think that is so stupid to spend your money on something like that. But then my friend Jessica called me and asked me to go with her downtown. So, I did. She let me borrow her wings and tutu and fishnets. Then we went downtown and literally just walked up and down Church Street. I guess that is THE THING to do on Halloween because a ton of people were there. Or maybe it's because there were like, 30 bars on that street alone. Thats probably it.

I have 6 days left at Epcot and then I'm back to Port Orleans. I hope I remember everything cause I feel like I've been gone a long time. I didn't think I was going to like working at Epcot because at the start of it I didn't. But now everyone has bonded and we are all pretty close. I guess it's that whole "Disney family" thing that they talk about.

I miss Nigel and Emma so bad.
I miss cold, steady weather. Weather here is bipolar. I got a sunburn two days ago and then yesterday almost froze to death.
I miss having my own bathroom.
I miss Momma G's nachos and Lawler's BBQ.
I miss not being able to have my nails painted for more than two days.

Less than 2 months until I'm back at school. Wow.

New Zealand scallop from Food and Wine Festival

Daley/ Kincher boys

Daley/ Kinchler girls

Taylor Hanson lookin fine

Me and Kitzya

Jessica and I on Halloween

Friday, September 30, 2011

Food and Wine Festival

#1. Mom came to visit! I had four lovely days off that I got to spend with my mommy. We spent two nights at Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary and then two days at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We got to eat at Via Napoli and Les Chefs de France (and may I say that both restaurants had the HOTTEST guys working). It was so nice- we got to do what we wanted, when we wanted- just me and my mommy! I can't wait for the whole family, minus Maggie ): , to come visit in just 11 days!!

#2. I am currently not working at Port Orleans. For the time being, I am working at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. It is so much different from my regular job, because this is in a park, it is outside, and I have to learn so many things in such a little amount of time. I am working in the "red zone", which includes these kiosks: Ireland, Canada, Greece, Australia, Hawaii, and a Desserts and Champagne booth. The festival just started yesterday, and so the only food I tried was in Irleland. Fisherman's pie and chocolate lava cake? YES PLEASE. I'm a little more than upset that I'm not 21 so I can't sample all of the alcohol, but you better bet your patootie that the DAY I turn 21 I will be back in Epcot drinking around the world!

#3. I can't stress to you enough how fun and how spectacular of a time I'm having here. Yes, I work a lot. Yes, I don't get to sleep as much as I'd like. But I have made some of the most amazing friends. I keep thinking about how much time has already gone by, and how I only have three months left. THREE MONTHS!!!! Even though I miss my friends and family back in Athens and in Auburn and I can't wait to be back at school (minus the studying and going to class), I am going to miss everyone from Disney 20x more. I hope my parents know that all of my birthday and Christmas presents from now on will consist of plane tickets to go see my friends that live around the world!
With my mom in Magic Kingdom

Mom and I in Canada @ Epcot

I tried escargot in Les Chefs de France

One of my Disney BFFs, Darryl

Jessica and I in our F&W costumes