Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Kitchen Sink.

Jessica and I @ graduation.
I had my Disney College Program graduation on December 13th. You get your graduation Mickey ears, you eat, take pictures. It sucks because it's like an ending to your program, but you still have to work for three more weeks. 

Now about Christmas. It was the best Christmas I have ever had. Yes, Maggie came to visit. But that's not all. Maggie and I went up to our hotel room when she got here and we were putting our stuff down and she said, "What's this?" She was pointing to the adjoining door to our room. She was like, "It's open!" and starting poking at it and opening it. I was like, "OH MY GOD Maggie don't open that! Another family is in there!" And then I saw it. Someone in the room standing there. And I thought to myself, oh my god. There is someone else in there and Maggie is so stupid for opening it. Well, then I noticed the person standing in the other room was my mom. And then my whole family popped out. I was so happy and so excited that I burst into tears. I had absolutely NO idea that my whole family was coming. It was the biggest and best surprise I have ever had in my life. It's going to take a whole lot to top that one. They are some good liars. Now I'm not going to believe anything they say for as long as I live!

Caroline, Maggie, me, and Sloane.

Mickey Christmas tree!

I did get an iphone for Christmas. Thank Jesus. When I will switch over to my iphone though, is anyones guess.

Christie, Lela, Benji, me, and Lashon.
A couple of us from Port Orleans went to Beaches and Cream and ate the Kitchen Sink today. It was me, Lashon, Benji, Christie, and Lela. It is 8 scoops of ice cream, a whole can of whipped cream, and every topping they have. Brownies, nuts, caramel, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, candy, cherries, peanut butter, angel food cake, bananas, pineapple, strawberries, etc. We all agreed it would have been better without the candy pieces (it was like gummy orange slices) and the cherries (because there were no joke about 50). And I think it would have been better without the peanut butter. It was like a peanut butter sauce, and once the ice cream started melting, everything tasted like peanut butter. Ew. We finished the whole thing, and I hate to admit that I was still hungry afterwards!

The kitchen sink. Conquered!

I have four more days of work left and five more days at Disney. I'm starting to get sad. I don't want to leave the most magical place on earth :(

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