Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bakery and Pizza

I will admit I kind of forgot about this blog for a couple of days. I've just been SO BUSY. I go to work at night, sleep in, eat, then do it all over again. One of these days that I didn't write, I went to Animal Kingdom with some roomies. It was deathly hot. We got pictures with Goofy, Minnie, Mickey, and Pocahontas!

After training in the dining room, I trained in the bakery. It was so much fun and not too much work. There are two sides of the bakery: the baked goods side and the ice cream side. Basically the whole first day I stayed on the baked goods side, handing out cookies and cake. Easy!!! I also made a cappuccino, but all you do is press a button and it goes by itself. The second day I scooped ice cream and made milkshakes the whole time. At first I didn't like making milkshakes because it takes so long and you have you move it around on this machine that sounds like a dentist's drill. But now I'm pretty much the best milkshake maker in Disney. We had to make sundaes too, which was my favorite. I did, however, cut my finger on the side of an ice cream container. FAIL. A guest saw me because I made the ice cream that I was scooping hop to a different container. She laughed really hard. It wasn't funny. Thats the one thing I didn't like about scooping ice cream- the guests sit there and watch you. I'm short so basically my whole upper body is in the ice cream cooler scooping this stuff, on my tip toes, arm shaking because the chocolate ice cream is like a rock- and EVERYONE wants chocolate.

Two days in bakery and then I get moved to pizza and pasta. Maybe it's because my stomach hurt. Maybe it's because I just really didn't want to work. Maybe it's because I liked bakery so much. But I really didn't like pizza. At all. I started out in pasta, and it was easy once you got the hang of it. You had to write on a box what sauce they wanted, then what pasta they wanted, then chicken or shrimp, then their number, then put all of the mix-ins they wanted in the box. And each section I just mentioned had its own section on the box where I had to write it (that was the hard part- remembering where to write it). So.. thats pretty much it for pasta. Pizza- ahhhhhhhh. You have to put pizza in the oven. Take the pizza out of the oven. Cut the pizza. If someone orders a large pizza, you give them a pager and when its ready, you have to page them and give them plates. You have to remember how to cut kids, individual, and large pizzas. You have to remember what's on the dining plan, what comes as a snack, what comes with a breadstick, that kids meals get two sides. You have to remember that in the craziness of all the pizza to call out the pasta numbers and put cheese and a breadstick with it. You have to put in fresh breadsticks and baked ziti. Towards the end of the night, everyone wants their orders to go, so you have to put to-go lids on everyone's pizza and pasta, and if you don't snap the lid on JUST RIGHT it takes forever to get it to snap on. It was tough work. The hardest part is remembering where everything is stored. There are two huge coolers, one freezer, and a bunch of little coolers everywhere, so someone will be like "It's in the cooler over there!" Which one?

Really looking forward to my days off on Wednesday and Thursday!!!!

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