Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Maybe I should have had a job before this, because this is killing me. I need to start stretching before I come to work because it literally takes a toll on every single one of my muscles. Like, my arms are hurting so bad today that I can barely lift my computer off of the table. Gosh I'm a wimp.

So the past two days I trained in the dining room. I cleaned tables, took out the trash, gathered trays, cleaned the beverage island, cleaned more tables, scooped ice out of the coke machines, helped close down both sides of the beverage island (which takes FOREVER), swept food off of the floor, answered a lot of guests questions that I didn't know, stocked forks, knives, and spoons, and cleaned more tables. It wasn't all boring, though. We got to do this thing called Jr. Chef, where we get little kids to come decorate cookies. And then a couple hours later we gather more kids to have a parade around the dining room, do the hokey pokey, and give them free mickey straws.

I will admit, the first day of training was tough. I was really stressed out and thought to myself, if I have to do this everyday, I don't think I can do it. But yesterday was SO much better. I didn't have my trainer with me all the time and I could do what I thought needed to be done. And everyone who was out on dining room duty helped each other out, which was great. Like the guys did garbage and let me clean tables instead. Sunday we missed the 12:25am bus and had to wait for the 1:00am bus, and then it took and hour to get home. No way am I ever waiting for the bus again. I drove last night and I am now driving every day to work.

I have today and tomorrow off. I couldn't be happier. I haven't had a single day to just chill since I've been here. I have been doing something every day, whether it's been unpacking, grocery shopping, online classes, Traditions, training...  And since I have a late shift, I never get to see any of my roommates :( I'm hoping since I have a couple days off that I'll get to hang out with them a little bit. I didn't really have pictures to put up, so I found some pictures of the Riverside Mill for you.

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