Sunday, June 26, 2011

No more training!

I don't know why I complained about working in the pizza and pasta section. Burger was so much worse, even though it wasn't that bad. I look back and think that everywhere really isn't that bad, and that I was just frustrated because I didn't know what I was doing. Haha. After two days of working in burger, my hands were literally a different color than the rest of my body because they were burnt from keeping my hands under the burners for 8 hours each day. Working in burger is easy, but it is SO HOT. I was dripping sweat- it was nasty gross DISGUSTING. After burger I trained in the morning in the specialty section, which had parfaits and oatmeal for breakfast and then salads and sandwiches for lunch. Not being a morning person, I definitely didn't like waking up to get to my 7am shift. I guess I didn't like the burger and sandwich parts of the shops because you have to turn around and ask the culinary for the item you need. It takes too much time and can get confusing. I like the shops that I can just get what I need myself. Anyway, yesterday in specialty was the busiest day I've had at work so far. I made parfait after parfait for a group of Brazilian kids (they all wanted the same kind of parfait, so it wasn't too bad). But then at lunch, the salad line was basically across the room, and making a salad when the guest gets to choose their own toppings takes a little time! My hand started cramping up!! Tonight I get to work a night shift again so I'm happy about that. This is the first time going into work where I don't know what section of the food court I'll be working in, because I'm officially done with training! YAY! After my shift yesterday I had to sit down with one of the trainers and take my test so that I could officially be.. a normal cast member? Haha I don't know. I think I'm going to leave my "Earning My Ears" ribbon on my name tag for a couple more days. It's my security blanket!

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