Friday, August 12, 2011


So I'm busy. Really busy.

Right now, all of the old CPs are leaving and new ones are coming in. That means they have me on the cash register. Every day. I think I forgot to tell you that I even trained on cash. Oh well. Cash is my least favorite, just because there are so many things you can mess up on. Plus I am bad at math so counting is not my strong point. I am going to be on the register for the next FOREVER so I better get used to it. I am also going from working 5 days a week to working 6 days a week, so I better get used to that, too.

On one of my days off last week, me and my roommate Kitzya and my friend Jonathan went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Even though it felt like it was a million and one degrees outside, it was so much fun! We even got to go to the Harry Potter part of the theme park. When I walked in, literally felt like I was walking into the movie. And the ride inside of Hogwarts was by far the coolest ride EVEEERRRRR! I can't wait to go back in October with the fam. 

I can't even remember what I've done in the past couple of weeks. I went to Epcot one day (by myself again- can you say independent?) because I was craving Japanese food and everyone I knew was working. And another day I went to Hollywood Studios with my friends Dario and Cedric. But other than that I can't say I've done too much. If I'm not working, I am sleeping. 

I will write more when I have actually interesting things to write.

Me, Jonathan, and our butterbeer!

Kitzya and I

Cedric, Me, and Dario @ Hollywood Studios

Islands of Adventure

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