Saturday, July 30, 2011


Stop yelling at me. I'm finally writing a post. There has been so much going on here that I kind of want to forget about it and move on, but instead I will post it on here so that I can read about it over and over again!

I can't remember what I wrote about in my last post, so I will start with deployment. Yes, I got deployed to the All-Star Movies Resort. I was only there for a week, but it was the longest week EVER. I was so lost the whole time I was there- I didn't know where anything was. Also, the AC was broken the whole week so I was sweating my butt off the entire time. However, the managers did give me an ER almost every day so I was happy about that. And Kristen, Lilly, and Lauren were visiting that week so I got to see them one night. 

Lilly, Lauren, Me, And Kristen in HS
When my schedule came out for that week, I had two days off, then two work days, then another two days off. I found people to take my shifts on the two days I worked, so I didn't work for six days (well, seven days, because I found someone to take my shift one day all All-Star too!) So for that week I flew back to Huntsville and spent time with the family. I didn't do much while I was home but it was nice to sit around and see the fam and the dogs.

All-Star Movies Costume
The week while I was deployed, Erica moved out of our apartment and into a new apartment at Chatham. The week I was at home, Monica and Brittany left the program. Now I have three new roommates, all from China. In the next couple of weeks, a lot of CPs are leaving the program and a lot are joining the program. It's so sad because almost everyone I work with is leaving :(

I have a day off on Tuesday. I really want to go to Universal, so hopefully that will work out!

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