Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

I hope everyone celebrates this wonderful 4th of July with fireworks, beer, hotdogs, etc. My day has consisted of sleeping until 1pm, doing laundry, making a Disney bucket list, and writing this. Don't be silly, of course I go to work from 4:30pm until 12:30am!

I haven't gone to the parks a lot lately. It is so freaking hot outside and I got really sunburned last week to the point where it hurts for anything to even touch my body. Plus, I work all the time and when I don't work, I sleep. I worked in the market last night, which is basically stocking drinks, mugs and chips. The whole night. By myself. It was great because I was alone and the stocking was really good for my OCD. It was absolutely FREEZING in the cooler though. Beats sweating your butt off in burger!!!

Last week we got a new roommate, who moved into Natalia's room (Erica moved into the room with me). Her name is Kitzya. She is from Puerto Rico and super sweet!

I'm going to wait to post the bucket list until I've had a little time to add to it, but it will be my next post. I miss everyone so much, especially you, Nigel and Emma.

P.S- I requested time off for the iron bowl and it got approved! (Okay, well 2 out of the 4 days got approved, but who cares! I can figure it out! I'M COMING BACK TO AUBURN IN NOVEMBER WOOOO! Daley family, make plans. Everyone else, get ready... 5 months!)

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